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Institute of kidney Diseases Peshawar

Phase IV Hayatabad Peshawar


Department Detail


Services and procedure

  • Deals all kind of emergency procedure related to urology i.e emergency stenting, suprapubic cauterization, to retain urinary obstructomy  + obstructive uropathy, PCN,  emergency URS, cystolitholapaxy, optical urethrotomy, urethral dilatation, stent removal.
  • We also provide emergency treatment to all kind of nephrology patient (CKD, stabilization of patient with hyperkalemia, shock and emergency dialysis)
  • We also provide services like ECG, emergency catheterization and all kind of free emergency medicines  for both nephrology and urology patients.
  • We provide observation/admission to all serious patient in emergency ward as well occupied with monitors, continuous BP recording along with professional highly qualified and cooperative emergency staff nurses, technicians and axillary staff  

HR Staff




Yaseen Khan

CT cardiology


M. Ismail Muhmand

CT pharmacy


Miskeen Jan



M. Khaliq

CT pharmacy


Noor Ullah





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