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  • Name Assoc Prof Dr. Liaqat Ali
  • AddressIKD Peshawar
  • Email liaqat_99@yahoo.com
  • Phone 091 5811104
  • Website www.ikdpeshawar.gkp.pk

Assoc Prof Dr. Liaqat Ali




F.C.P.S (Urology) [College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan CPSP]. 2004
M.B.B.S [Khyber Medical College Peshawar] 1995


Professional experience

  • Associate Professor at Institute of  kidney diseases Hayat Abad Medical Complex Peshawar from 3rdJanuary 2015 till date
  • Assistant Professor Urology at  Institute of  kidney diseases Hayat Abad Medical Complex Peshawar from 21st November 2011 till 2ndJanuary 2015
  • Senior Registrar Urology at Institute of kidney diseases Hayat Abad Medical Complex Peshawar from 24th May 2007 to till 20th November 2011.
  • Medical Officer, Department of General & Urological Surgery at
  • Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals Swat from 1st January 2005 till 29th May 2007.
  • Postgraduate resident in department of Urology at [Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad] from 1st January 2001 till 31st December 2004.
  • Trainee Medical officer in Surgical ‘C’ unit at [Govt. Lady Reading hospital Peshawar] from 1st January 2000 to 31st December 2000.
  • Medical officer School Health service Kurram Agency Parachinar 4th April 1999 till 31st December 1999
  • Medical Officer Khyber Medical Center Dabgari Garden Peshawar from 10th  Jan 1997 till 3rd April 1999
  • Senior House Physician in Medical ‘C’ unit at Hayat Shaheed Teaching Hospital Peshawar from 5th June 1996 till 4th  December 1996.
  • Junior House surgeon at [Govt. Lady reading hospital Peshawar] from 5th December 1995 till 4th June 1996]



  1. Additional Director Institute of Kidney Diseases HMC Peshawar from 2nd January 2017 till date
  2. Chairman Education Office, IKD from March 2009 till date
  3. Chairman Inspection Committee IKD from 2014 till date
  4. Incharge Human Resource and Recruitment Cell 2016 till date

RESEARCH  experience

  1. Chairman Research and Publication Committee IKD 2014 till date
  2. Member Institutional Research and Ethical Board IREB, HMC Peshawar from 2014 till date
  3. Member Research evaluation unit REU, CPSP Regional Center Peshawar
  4. Chairman Scientific Committee for UROCON 2017


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